What An Experience

Dear friends and supporters,

My heart is so full as I reflect upon the past year and the incredible opportunity I had to be in the governor’s race. It was truly one of the greatest honors of my life to look for ways to improve the lives of Utahns, elevate public policy discussions, and to meet so many amazing people throughout the state.

On Saturday night we got the sad news that our journey would be over. I am so proud of how well we did at the Republican State Convention. With a tenth of what other campaigns spent, we came in third in a seven person race. Unfortunately, just the top two advance to the primary election, so I will not be on the primary ballot. Though we won’t be continuing, I feel such pride for the hard work we put into this and how we defied expectations—coming within 182 votes of making it out of convention.

My family has been so supportive and I am so grateful for my husband, Matt, who has done so much to help me. I had such an incredible team—Alecia, Garrett, Caroline, Emily, Ben, Ally, Danny and Kathi—as well as the best running mate, John Dougall.

Many of you helped us in various ways—donating to the campaign, gathering signatures, sharing social media posts, making phone calls, placing signs, and sharing our message with friends and neighbors. THANK YOU!! Your help was invaluable.

My sincere congratulations to Spencer Cox/Deidre Henderson and Greg Hughes/Victor Iverson for their convention win.

I am excited to spend more time on Salt Lake County issues as I continue to serve in my role on the council. Please keep in touch with me on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter @AWinderNewton.

All my best to you and your family!