On The Record: Fighting for Utah Taxpayers

Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton will stand up for Utahns as Governor the same way she has stood up for her constituents in Salt Lake County.

Since being elected in 2014, Aimee has earned her strong conservative record of fighting for Utah taxpayers, which has been documented in news stories like the ones below:

When Salt Lake County wanted to give an advantage to women and minority-owned businesses just because of gender and race, Aimee stood up and said it wasn’t right. Businesses should win government contracts by providing the best service at the lowest cost. Read More >>

When the Legislature tried to overhaul the tax code in a special session last year, Aimee was the first to speak out. She signed the referendum, stood firmly against a food tax increase, and was the only candidate who personally collected signatures to overturn it. Read More >>

When legislative leaders and lobbyists tried to give $4 million transportation dollars for a privately owned theater, Aimee stood up and said, “This is a shell game and I won’t be part of it.” Read More >>