Winder Newton campaign releases first T.V. advertisement, “People Over Pedigree”

WEST JORDAN (April 8, 2020) — Today Republican candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton and State Auditor John Dougall, released “People Over Pedigree,” the campaign’s first T.V. advertisement. The ad’s central message is that the office of governor of Utah must be earned, not paid for or inherited. Winder Newton released the following statement about the message in her campaign’s new ad:

“Our campaign from the very beginning has done more with less, so we drove around the state with an iPhone, and the charge that this race is about real people who want a responsive government, to make this new ad. We are not running to build a legacy or apply for a promotion. We are running to give a voice to everyday Utahns and earn support from voters who want and expect principled, conservative leadership and real experience from their next governor.”

Aimee Winder Newton is a Republican candidate for Utah governor and currently serves on the Salt Lake County Council. Her top priority is rebuilding the economy and getting Utahns back to work. She is also focused on long-term planning for growth, workforce development, and education. By the time the next governor takes office, Utah will be in the throes of an economic recovery. The need for her fiscal conservative leadership and solid budget experience has never been greater. To learn more about her candidacy, visit AimeeForGovernor.com.


When I decided to run for governor, some people were happy to tell me why I shouldn’t.

The political elite want us to think elections are for the few. That only the rich and connected need apply. 

Well here I am, earning it. 

Our campaign is built on people, not pedigree. 

So we’re shooting our first TV ad on an iPhone. 

Some say I’m innovative. Some say I’m cheap. Bottom line: I do more with less.

This election is about taking back our government. About giving a voice to the rest of us. 

Because Utah’s bright future is not a given. It must be earned. 

I’m Aimee Winder Newton. Let’s get to work.

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