Utah gubernatorial candidate Aimee Winder Newton announces State Auditor John Dougall as running mate

WEST JORDAN (March 24, 2020) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Aimee Winder Newton today announced Utah State Auditor John Dougall as her running mate in a video posted to her social media channels.

“John is a proven conservative leader and I am so excited to have him on my team,” Winder Newton said. “His knowledge of tax policy, combined with a long history of challenging bloated government programs, has never been more important. Utahns are facing serious economic instability, but when you have a team that knows how to reform budgets, fight wasteful spending, and provide financial security, I know our future will be bright.”

Dougall has held government accountable as the State Auditor since 2013 and previously spent 10 years as a member of the Utah House of Representatives overseeing the budget process. A champion of fiscal responsibility, he co-sponsored the 2007 tax reform bill that passed unanimously and handed Utahns a historic tax cut. His skillset is invaluable as Utah faces economic uncertainty and an imminent tax overhaul. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Aimee for Governor team,” Dougall said. “I look forward to bringing more accountability to the state budget and providing more transparency in government under Aimee’s leadership. Her 25 years of local government experience will be invaluable as we tackle the important challenges of growth, economic development, and education. She is a principled leader who has the vision and leadership to propel Utah forward.”

Aimee Winder Newton is a Republican candidate for Utah governor and currently serves on the Salt Lake County Council. As the candidate with the most local government experience, she is focused on long-term planning for growth, economic development, workforce and education, and increased fiscal discipline to reduce government spending. To learn more about her candidacy, visit AimeeForGovernor.com.


Is Auditor Dougall resigning?
Auditor Dougall is not resigning and will continue to serve as state auditor until it’s time to transition to the role of lieutenant governor. 

Will he be withdrawing from the state auditor’s race?
The deadline to file for lieutenant governor is April 27. The Utah Republican Convention is April 25. After a Winder Newton/Dougall win at the convention, he will withdraw from the race for state auditor and file for lieutenant governor. Upon his withdrawing from the race, the Republican Party’s State Central Committee will choose a nominee for that race.

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