Aimee’s Student-First Vision For Education

Aimee Winder Newton’s First W.A.V.E. of solutions for public education starts with Teacher Wages, Accountability, a clear Vision, and solutions for Every child. 


End the teacher shortage by allocating education surplus funds to teacher compensation to increase recruitment and retention of quality educators.

  • Send additional money through the WPU to school districts and charter schools explicitly for teacher wages. Funds will not be used for administration salaries, only those who teach in the classroom. The local district, not the state, will determine how compensation is distributed. 


Measure growth in EVERY child. Provide easy way to see each school progressing.

  • Replace state’s system of giving schools a letter grade with the State School Board’s dashboard for school accountability. Emphasize year-over-year growth, rather than over-weighting proficiency.


Solidify a single long-term state plan for educational improvement. Stop moving the mark for teachers. 

  • Working with the State School Board and Legislature, create a single, shared, long-term plan for high quality education. Veto all pet projects or vendor bills that don’t align with that plan.


Relentless focus on education as Utah’s TOP priority.

  • Every child matters. This is only the beginning.
  • In every public setting – every speech, every policy discussion, every Cabinet meeting, every conversation – I will advance Utah’s priority of public education. Our children are Utah’s future. If we don’t prioritize Utah’s children, nothing else matters.