Gubernatorial Candidate Aimee Winder Newton will discontinue signature gathering and focus on Convention

WEST JORDAN (Feb. 19, 2020) — Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Aimee Winder Newton has directed her campaign to stop gathering signatures and will instead turn her focus toward winning the Republican State Convention in April, where we are confident the delegates will select her as their nominee for governor.

This has always been a grassroots, bootstrapped campaign. While over 300 volunteers have collected thousands of signatures in the last month, we won’t reach the 28,000 signature threshold without paying for them. The cost to pay a signature gathering company and thus guarantee a spot on the ballot is more than $200,000.

Aimee is not one of the millionaires in this race. This is a true grassroots effort solely dedicated to crafting a bright future for Utah and most importantly, making sure we don’t turn into California.

“There is not a single gubernatorial campaign that can get all of its signatures without paying for at least some of them,” Winder Newton said. “I supported a grassroots effort to engage with voters through the signature process, but I’d rather put my resources toward earning the voters’ support.”

The campaign is in the process of reaching out to our army of volunteers and those who signed the ballot petition so they can participate in the Republican Caucus as delegates this March. We will continue to take our conservative message to voters and delegates across Utah and remain confident we will appear on the primary ballot in June.

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